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With state of the art technology Dr. Yi now has the ability to make non-metal based, ceramic crowns that are just as strong as a natural tooth.

PFM crowns(Metal based crowns) could leave you with a dark line along the gum line and this is very unaesthetic.  Metal-based crowns require a more aggressive tooth preparation, not to mention that they don't look very nice.   

Today's materials allow us to bond to natural tooth rather than cementing a crown on, allowing for a better seal around the tooth and with most non-metal restorations we can see through them with an x-ray and also bond to them in the mouth. 

Dr. Yi can match crowns with natural teeth and crowns with veneered teeth, and implant crowns with natural or veneered teeth.  Please see the before and after photos to see if you can tell which tooth is a crown and which tooth is real.

PFM crowns may reveal darkened margins around them as years go by.

Traditional PFM crowns in 7 years follow-up (right side of patient)
Gingival recession around some of PFM crowns as time goes by (left side of the same patient)

Comparison of PFM crown and Ceramic crown in the same patient

Gingival recession and caries development around PFM crown which shows highly noticeable margin due to its opaque color. (right side)
No need to consider further gingival recession around Ceramic crown because a margin was located at 4mm above gingiva, and invisible due to the same translucency as a natural tooth. (left side of the same patient)
Single unit old PFM crowns
High translucent ceramic crowns with fine sculpturing and characterization

Using a different ceramic material to provide a natural appearance

Old restorations with low translucent ceramics and PFM crowns
Newly fabricated high translucent ceramic restorations
Broken amalgam filling and tooth
Ceramic crowns fabricated by Dr. Yi

You can get a new ceramic tooth within a few hours

Broken tooth and amalgam filling at 10:00 AM
Completed ceramic crown at 3:00 PM

Dedicated ceramic crowns


All procedure are carefully performed under the microscope by Dr. Yi

After computer designed and milled the ceramic crowns, Dr. Yi characterizes, stain and glaze them under the microscope.

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