Teeth In A Day

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“Teeth in a day” is a procedure that requires the dentist to work on implant placement surgery and fabrication of immediate loaded prosthesis simultaneously in one day.

Working on the surgery and restoration at the same time allows the dentist to deliver immediate restorations simultaneously giving a precise and intricate bite and function as well. Dr. Yi’s immediate crown and bridge is so natural-looking and feeling, you may forget you ever lost a tooth and underwent surgery. You know that your confidence about your teeth affects how you feel about yourself, both personally and professionally. 

Dr. Yi fabricates immediate prosthesis at the same day to accommodate his patients who are flying in to see him from across the world. You are treated to a full day of pampering while Dr. Yi works on all of your implants in the same day. You go home with a dazzling new smile. He makes customized immediate restorations which are used as a prototype for you to evaluate and critique. Dr. Yi will then work with your suggestions to modify the immediate restorations allowing you to have a hand in what your final restorations will look like.

1) Teeth in a Day with multiple implants

Smallest opening to go into sinus

Healthy and intact sinus membrane was observed.

 Highly challenging procedure which requires a lot of experiences and surgical and prosthodontic knowledge and skill.

Initial examination

Implants are placed and teeth were fabricated and delivered at the same day by Dr. Yi.

 Proper diagnosis and treatment planning need to be done in a 3-Dimensional way using cone beam CT scan method.






2) Teeth in a day with multiple implants (extractions, implants placement and implant supported crown and bridge in the same day)



3) Teeth in a day with single implant (one piece implant was placed due to lack of enough space mesio-distally and crown was made at the same day)



4) Teeth in a day with temporary implants (immediate provisional implants were placed, fixed bridge was fabricated and functioned until definite implants complete their osseointegration)



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