Replacing A Single Tooth

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A predictable, natural and cost-effective method of replacing a single lost tooth without requiring preparation and crowning of the adjacent teeth.

An abutment would be connected to the implant to fabricate either a cemented or screw-retained crown. 

Depending on the density of the bone and primarily stability of the implant, a temporary crown can be placed immediately.

Broken root on central incisor

 Accident during playing basketball

Natural appearance with healthy gingival architecture

Follow up in 3 years: better gingival architecture than his own teeth
X-ray at the time of delivery

Lateral incisor for elderly lady

Generalized gingival recession (6/3/2011)
Replaced with implant and ceramic CEREC crown (11/18/2011)

Extraction and Immediate placement of implant on #10

Broken root (6/3/2011)
Upon completion of treatment (11/18/2011)

Posterior teeth

After removal of old 5 unit bridge 12/24/2009

With 2 single implants on #3, 5 and individual CEREC crowns on #2, 4, 6 4/30/2010

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