Our practice is one of a selected few dental implant centers with an in-house 3D cone beam scanner. After this non-invasive, 15 second scan we can accurately examine the bone structure in your jaws. This allows us to precisely diagnose the bone quality and quantity for implant placement. In addition we get a clear view of the inside areas of the bone to see and avoid nerves and determine sinus locations. With all of these diagnostic informations, we can then use our specializing dental software to virtually plan the type and number of implants which is the best for your situation. These technologies can be also utilized to facilitate construction of a unique guiding template for placing implants in the correct position. Computer guided systems contribute to our ability to provide you with excellent success rates, enhanced predictability, and even less invasive surgery.

3D cone beam CT scan


3D image enables us to make a more predictable treatment plan

Pan-x shows less detailed surgical field.
3D CT scan reveals more realistic feature of surgery area.

Proper diagnosis and treatment planning need to be done in a 3-Dimensional way using cone beam CT scan method.

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