Retreatment of failing and failed implant prosthesis

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Retreatment of failed implant crowns

Fail to establish a good posterior support
Re-designed and fabricated to provide a better chewing ability

Swelling and redness around implant crown and bridge

Teeth were made abroad about 2 years ago

Gingiva around implant posts presented bleeding, redness and swelling

Cleansing the prosthesis and recemented

All parts were removed and cleaned in ultrasonic and steam cleaner.

Re-inserted and torqued down into 35N/cm force.

Inaccurate fit (open margin) of bridge on implant abutments caused gingival inflammation (swelling and redness)
Improved healthy gingiva

Improper hygiene for 15 years old implant crowns

Gingival inflammation due to poor oral hygiene
Implant crown and screw need to be cleaned at some point.
Decision was made to go with new crowns for better cleansibility
New individual crowns (4/24/2008)

Screw Fracture due to parafunctional habit

At the time of delivery (5/24/2006)
Screw was fractured due to grinding habit (8/23/2010)

Fracture of abutment and screw due to parafunctional(grinding) habit

Broken abutment
Broken screw inside of implant fixture

Retrieving broken screw

Very difficult to remove broken screw without damaging implant fixture

Noticeable parafunctional habit in his dentition (the other side)


Retreatment of failed implant

Screw loosening and subsequent mobility of 20 yrs old implant crown
Try to clean inside a fixture

 New crown was made.

New crown and gold screw to prevent any further screw loosening
New crown has been in function for 8 yrs without any problem.

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