Dr. Yi is a prosthodontist who provides an extremely high level of care for patients who have missing teeth or possess
significant damage to their existing teeth and gingiva. 

A prosthodontist will usually treat the more difficult dental problems such as people who are missing many teeth
or have significant functional or aesthetic problems. While the general practitioner is capable of handling most simple
crown and bridge procedures to replace and repair missing teeth. When it comes to restoring an entire arch or
the whole mouth, the prosthodontist is indicated for this difficult and complex type of dental treatment.

Patients contemplating dental implants or major changes in their appearance should consult with a prosthodontist
to assure that they are gaining the best possible care for their dentition. These difficult treatments require
the expertise that is only available by a trained prosthodontist.


  • Cosmetic dentistry: CAD CAM Dental Ceramics
  • Smile make over
  • Crown and bridge
  • Full mouth reconstruction
  • Dentures
  • TMD(Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) treatment

Dental Health

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